Good news! You can now test drive my popular Tabor WordPress theme with the upcoming WordPress Gutenberg block editor.

What’s Gutenberg?

If you haven’t heard of Gutenberg, the project is a new and upcoming block editor that completely evolves the current WordPress visual editor in a very big way. The biggest changes is that we’ll have block-based editing – instead of text-based.

A few weeks ago I implemented Gutenberg on my personal blog all about WordPress design and development, and it went rather smoothly. I’m preparing all my WordPress themes for Gutenberg, starting with the latest — Tabor.

Spin up your personal sandbox

Want to give Tabor + Gutenberg a spin and see what the next era of WordPress themes will be like? Well, now is your chance!

I created a live sandbox with both the theme and plugin configured already, so folks can experience first-hand what the future of WordPress holds.

Click here to generate a live Tabor + Gutenberg sandbox →