Last week Tabor, our popular WordPress theme for writers and content marketers, received a hefty update adding a number of new features and popular requests. This is a quick run-down of what’s new and exciting.

Engagement Bar Styles

Tabor now has an alternate styling for the fixed header and engagement bar elements. If your preference is to drop the drop-shadow, now you can.

New Author Meta and Date Options

One of the most requested features I’ve received has been to add the capability to show a post’s published date instead of the updated date. Done.

I’ve also added the ability to append the post author’s date within the meta section below the post title. Cool beans.

New Customizer UI

As you’ve likely noticed from the previous screenshots and videos above, Tabor’s Customizer UI has been completely revamped. Here’s a qif highlighting the before and after. As you can tell, it’s so much more refined. Tabor Customizer UI Updates

Faster Than Ever

Tabor’s automated build process is one of the best, if not the best, systems. The admin framework update to v1.1.5 brings new auto-minified resources and assets throughout the entire theme, on the frontend and backend.

I’ve also migrated moved all editor assets (Visual and Gutenberg) to SCSS, which is now auto-prefixed and minified on a theme build.

Sound technical? Well, it is. Just know that the theme just got even faster. ?

Tabor v1.1.5 is Available Now

I’m glad to ship this latest update. It’s been a few weeks in the making and it takes care of a lot of features that I’ve wanted to implement for some time. Next on the feature list is implementing portfolio support for folks who’d like to showcase the projects they’re a part of. Cheers!

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