Tabor has quickly become one of our more popular WordPress themes to date. I’m raking in a lot of great feedback on the theme and have implemented a number of popular requests over the last couple of weeks.

So here’s what’s new:

Night Mode ?

In the interest of a dimmer, more pleasant nighttime reading experience for your uses, I’ve introduced a brand new Night Mode feature to Tabor.

With Night Mode enabled, your readers may opt to view your website with a beautifully dark color scheme applied. Night mode makes your site considerably easier on the eyes for late-light readers.

To enable Night Mode, head to the Customizer and enable the Accessibility Settings checkbox.

Gutenberg Support ✎✐

After attending WordCamp US (here’s my takeaways post), I decided to really dive in and start understanding the ins-and-outs of Gutenberg and how the upcoming editor works within WordPress themes.

It was quite a bit tricker than I anticipated, but I built a solid foundation into Tabor that enhances Gutenberg with theme-specific styling. The plugin is still not recommended for use on production sites, but if you want to give Gutenberg a try within a more “real-world” context, now you can.

I’m working on a post on how to do this for other themes and the issues I ran into, so if that sounds interesting — subscribe here.

Accessible Fonts

Within the new Accessibility Settings dropdown, your website visitors may now the default font size throughout your site, in order to better suit their particular reading needs.

It’s super easy to use, and just like the new Night Mode feature, the users’ font setting is saved locally. That means when they come back to your site, their preferred font size is still active. Cool, right!?

Personalization ?

Tabor originally shipped with very few customization options. In this latest update, you may now customize the colors of the headings, text, icons, and navigation elements — all in 100% live action.

In a future update, I plan on extending support by adding color options for buttons and possibly font selectors for the heading/body type choices.

What do you think?

Beaver Builder Support ?‍♀️

I’ve tailored Tabor to now be 100% Beaver Builder compatible. That means you’ll be able to take full control over the layout of any page and post on your website. Not using Beaver Builder?


Tabor is such an exciting project to work on. I’m really enjoying the experience of building something that I use every single day. It really provides a much clearer development roadmap, focused on real-world improvements and useful features.

Have any ideas on how to make Tabor even better? Hit me up at rich at themebeans dot com.