Meet Essay Pro. Reimagined. Redefined.

While our Essay WordPress theme has been available on ThemeForest for the last couple of months, we have decided to move Essay to our own shop and offer it as a free download, with a nicely packed pro version.

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That’s right, we are now giving away a new lite version of Essay as a free downloadable theme, with a rightfully “Pro” upgrade package. Who doesn’t like free stuff? ;)

If you have already purchased Essay from ThemeForest, we will upgrade you to Pro and send you a fresh license key with all relevant download files for Essay Pro – free of charge. Just get in touch with us and we will send you the pro version.

Essay Pro

We’ve redefined and rebuilt Essay from the ground up, with this next logical iteration of the theme. Come watch our setup guide to see how awesome Essay is, and how simple it is to set up:

Essay Pro is a much more powerful build, offering advanced font and typography settings, color pickers, options galore, and our new Layout Engine, with six pre-defined layouts, selectable via the live theme Customizer.

So if you’re been itching to try out the theme, download Essay today. And if you like it, consider upgrading to Essay Pro – you won’t be disappointed!


  1. Essay Lite is free, go download it →
  2. ThemeForest buyers will get the Pro version, for free.
  3. Essay Pro is awesome, buy it now →
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