Good news folks! We’re ecstatic to finally share with you what the team has been working on over the last month or so. Welcome the newest additions to our theme catalog, York Lite and York Pro.
Welcome the newest additions to our theme catalog, York Lite and York Pro. Click To Tweet

These sibling themes follow a similar release model that we pushed back in November for Charmed Pro, where anyone can download, test, play and ultimately decide if the pro version would be a good fit for their specific needs.

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York lite is available absolutely for free, but you are going to miss some of the awesome features we’ve manage to pack into the Pro version. Download York Lite right now and don’t forget to check out the live demo.

Supercharge your Portfolio

lightbox.movAdd a powerful PhotoSwipe light-box gallery to your single portfolio views for mobile and desktop viewports, with touch gestures, zooming and optimized asset delivery. Plus there’s optimized lazy loading, post-to-post navigation, bold image captions, and portfolio sharing. You’re all set to deliver a beautifully stunning and technologically powerful portfolio.

600+ Fonts

fonts.movChoose from the entire library of 600+ Google fonts to set the mood of your website with precise typographic settings of various elements.

Unlimited Colors

footerNever touch a line of code while styling your portfolio. With the live Customizer and intuitive color pickers for various elements throughout York Pro, you really can get that “perfect” look you want.

Fast, Friendly Support

With your purchase of York Pro, you’re also buying into the white-glove support team here at ThemeBeans. You can count on fast and comprehensive technical help from the WordPress experts who know York Pro inside and out.

Give York a Test Drive

With a powerful framework, modeled from the legendarily efficient, Underscores, York and York Pro both tote a clean and efficient code base that is built with simplicity & defined purpose in mind.

But if you’re wanting more – York Pro is where it’s at.