Introducing Charmed Pro

So you’ve probably heard we’re giving away a brand new theme, Charmed, for free. If not, go download it – cause it’s fantastic.

If you love Charmed, but are looking for more fantastic options, typography features, one-click updates and access to our world-class support team, then you may be interested in Charmed Pro.

Click here to buy Charmed Pro for $59 →

I decided to build Charmed with on a lite/pro model so that people interested in the theme would be able to download, play, and ultimately decide if Charmed is a tight fit. The theme is completely functional without a Pro license, but you’re missing out on a number of benefits.

Here’s why Charmed Pro is awesome:

1. Portfolio Lightbox Gallery

There are quite a few new Customizer options included only in Charmed Pro. For instance, you can add a slick and classically handsome lightbox element to your single portfolio views, which really highlight your artwork.


It’s truly an unobtrusive and beautifully designed lightbox. Plus, it works right out of the box. There’s literally nothing you have to configure to get up and running.

2. “Hire Me” Contact Form

Get more clients when you add a portfolio call to action button to your single portfolio views, which open up a contact lead-generation form when clicked. With clean animations and a smooth operation, you’re bound to get some much deserved attention.


3. Unlimited Colors

Never touch a line of code while styling your website to fit you. With the live Customizer and intuitive color pickers for various elements throughout the theme, you really can get the “perfect” look you’ve been looking for.


4. Advanced Typographic Settings

Choose from the entire library of 600+ Google fonts to set the mood of your website with precise typographic settings of various elements through and through.

5. Fast, Friendly Support

With your purchase of Charmed Pro, you’re also buying into the white-glove support team here at ThemeBeans. You can count on fast and comprehensive technical help from the WordPress experts who know Charmed Pro inside and out.

So what do you think?

With a powerful framework, modeled from the legendarily efficient, Underscores, Charmed and Charmed Pro both tote a clean code base that is crafted with simplicity & purpose in mind. But if you’re wanting more – Charmed Pro is where it’s at.

You may compare the two theme versions side-by-side if you’re interested – or simply click here to get Charmed Pro today for just $59 →


  • Get one-click dashboard updates & support with Charmed Pro
  • Get more customization options with Charmed Pro
  • Get the PhotoSwipe lightbox add-on with Charmed Pro
  • Get the portfolio lazy-loading add-on with Charmed Pro
  • Get the “Hire Me” call to action with Charmed Pro
  • Get advanced typography and stylistic options with Charmed Pro
  • Yes, Charmed Pro is awesome. Buy it now →
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