Coming Soon: Snazzy 3.0

We’ve been hard at work putting the finishing touches on the next natural iteration of one of our most popular WordPress themes ever, Snazzy.

Completely Rebuilt

Over the years our team has pushed huge framework updates to Snazzy, and now it’s time to launch Snazzy 3.0 – a completely rebuilt theme. We started Snazzy 3.0 with a completely blank canvas – and now we have a brand new, yet characteristically classic, WordPress theme.


What’s New?

Everything. No, we’re not kidding. Snazzy 3.0 is harder, better, faster, stronger and overall more powerful. So what makes Snazzy 3.0 so amazing? To name a few, we’ve added support for:

  1. Lazy-loading
  2. Super-advanced and mobile-friendly lightbox
  3. Better video portfolio post support
  4. Sorting by popularity, date or randomly
  5. Embedded lightbox videos
  6. Improved mobile navigation
  7. More responsive and fluid build
  8. Overall style improvement to keep Snazzy looking fresh

Snazzy has been a staple theme among our collection of WordPress themes since mid 2013. As one of the first portfolio themes that we’ve built, Snazzy paved the way for our dominance in the clean, minimalist and intuitive portfolio WordPress theme market.

When is Launch Day?

We’re excited to launch Snazzy 3.0 in the next few days! And if you have an active license for Snazzy, then your update is absolutely free! If you’ve purchased Snazzy and have an expired license – renew and you’ll get the Snazzy update at a steep 50% discount.

Need help renewing your expired Snazzy license? Get in touch and we’ll get you sorted as fast as humanly possible.

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