If you’re already using Ava on your own eCommerce store, you know that I absolutely love to collect feedback. It’s what drives the development of all of my products across the board.

Ava 1.3 was based on this feedback, jammed packed with feature requests, Site Editor UI/UX improvements, and countless new functionalities.

So let’s get to it!

Turbo-Charged Product Galleries

Ava was originally launched just a few months before WooCommerce 3.0, which added distinct feature-set to the default product gallery. Ava 1.3 will now support those extended functionalities, including the gallery zooming and lightbox-capable slideshows.

Adding support for these features was no easy task. It took quite a bit of refactoring Ava’s legacy product gallery code with a new layer of conditional fallback support, to ensure full theme compatibility.

To sum it all up, you are getting a brand new product gallery with optional light-box and professional zooming functionalities.

And as you’d expect, everything works right out of the box.

Customizable Sale Flash

As one of the more popular requests I received, you will now find an entirely new collection of display options built to style the WooCommerce sale flash.

There’s no need to filter the function or add custom CSS just to get the look you want. Who has time for that anyway? And while this a seemingly minor feature-set of options, small stylistic opportunities like this give your shop a unique personality.

Set Shop Column Sizes

Ava’s WooCommerce shop has two layout options: gallery and columns. Most people deploy the gallery layout — as featured in the live demo —  I am noticing that many product-heavy shops are using the columns layout.

I added a new set of control options to select the display size of the shop columns. Want to change the gutter spacing between the columns too? Done.

The column layout is, and always has been, highly responsive. The number of columns served is dependent on the current width of the site. By using defined sizes (small, medium, and large), your storefront will feature a fully responsive grid system that looks great on any device, any size.

Single Product Layouts

Ava 1.3 will feature a brand new Single Product layout switcher. Here’s a quick 10 second video clip of it in action.

Want to move the single product gallery to the right? Done. Back to the left? Easy. Would you instead prefer a stacked look; content at the top of the page, and the gallery below? Done.

With Ava 1.3, you can truly personalize your website to what works best for you, and more importantly, your potential customers.

Launching on July 13th

Are you ready to take your eCommerce shop to the next level? I bet you are. I have honestly never been more excited to push a theme update; I think you’re going to love it.

Not already using the most beautiful WooCommerce WordPress theme around? Now is great time to jump on board.

Discover Ava for yourself and click here to explore a live admin demo of Ava.

Questions, comments, feedback, future requests? Get in touch or hit me up on Twitter.