We recently released our newest plugin Bean Dribbble, which displays your recent shots – just like our custom Dribbble widgets did within each theme. We moved the widget outside of the theme packages in order to better control the plugin, and push new features much faster.

Admin Settings Page

Upon installing the plugin you will need to navigate to the “WP Dashboard” > “Settings” > “Bean Dribbble” admin page. On this page you’ll find a step-by-step “How To” list for getting your Client Access Token.

Create your Application

You’ll need to login to Dribbble and create a Dribbble API application. Fill in the fields and use your web address for the “Website URL” and “Callback URL” fields. Click the “Register Application” button and you’ll then see three codes above the form. Grab the “Client Access Token” and paste that onto the Bean Dribbble admin page, along with your username.


Bean Dribbble Widget

To use the Bean Dribbble widget, simply head to your Widget Dashboard admin page and add the Bean Dribbble widget to any widget area in your theme. From within the plugin you may set the widget title, paragraph text and the number of shots to output.

Dribbble Feed Templates

Most of our themes will receive updates that add Dribbble Feed templates, for which you may use to output a whole page of your shots in the same view as the theme’s portfolio. Here’s a look of the Dribbble feed template integrated into our popular theme, Spaces – which was recently updated to include two new Dribbble feed templates.

To use the new templates, simply create a page and specify a Dribbble Feed template. If you do not see one of these in the list of available templates, then the theme may not have compatibility built in yet.

Download Bean Dribbble today →