With the Bean Instagram Plugin, you can now display your own Instagram feed, recent uploads and liked photos. In order to do this, you need to follow a couple simple steps to obtain your Client ID and Secret codes.

1. Instagram Developer

Login to your profile Instagram Developer portal →

2. Register your App

After logging in with your Instagram credentials, hit the blue “Manage Clients” top button. You will be directed to the Manage Clients dashboard, in which you may register a new client.

Next, click the “Register a New Client” button. You’ll be prompted to then fill out the application name, description and website. Don’t forget to grab the redirect_uri value on the Bean Instagram Settings page via your WP Dashboard.

Hit the green “Register” button.

3. Adding your codes to Bean Instagram

Navigate to the Bean Instagram Settings admin page in your WordPress dashboard (WP Dashboard > Settings > Bean Instagram). Simply copy & paste the Client ID and Client Secret codes of your Instagram Client in the OAuth Codes form below.

Click the Save Changes button below.

4. Authorization

Once directed to authorize the request, click the green Authorize button. When authorization is granted, this page will refresh.

5. Save it Again

After authorization, click the blue Save Changes button below the OAuth Codes one last time. Your access token should be “Available”. Now head to your Widgets Dashboard and add the Bean Instagram widget wherever you’d like – you’re all set!