Search Engine Optimization – SEO – is considered by many as an extremely complicated concept hat magically pops your websites up in Search engine rankings.

Well, it is partly true since SEO does boost up the rankings of your website; however, it is not as complex as many people make it out to be.

What is SEO?

To give you a brief idea about SEO, it is a process of tweaking your website to get more natural and organic traffic via Search Engines. This requires you to understand how the search engines work when they provide the results to a user who has made a search query, giving them a list of websites which they have recognized as the most relevant for the entered query.

Understanding this process helps you in making your website friendlier for the search engines.

If you are a beginner to the concept of SEO, this article will guide you through the basics that you need to know, while giving you a few super helpful tips to boost your WordPress site up in search rankings without having to spend a lot of money consulting expensive SEO gurus.

Content is King

Google and other search engines usually change their algorithms time to time, focusing on providing the users with more relevant results when they search. However, the requirement for quality content in a website has always been important when it comes to ranking high in search engines. This does not mean a large amount of keyword-stuffed fluff content, but factual content which have a natural flow of keywords in them.

Quality Backlinking

A backlink is an incoming hyperlink mentioned in another website that leads to yours. If the other website is a high authority website which has a higher rank in Search Engines, it automatically helps your WordPress site to get a better ranking.

The more backlinks you can get from quality websites the better. If your own website has quality articles which have had good visitor ratings than others, you can backlink within your own pages as well, but overdoing it can affect you negatively. Be careful!

Quality WordPress Themes

Using a quality WordPress (like one of ours!) helps you in getting better Search Engine rank without much effort. Search Engines prefer fast performing SEO friendly themes which have space to include more quality content with a healthy keyword density.

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If your WordPress theme is packed with messy and complicated source code which makes it hard for the search engines to wade through, it automatically drops the rank of your website despite your quality content.

At its core, SEO is nothing but a marketing tactic to get your brand and the website more easily to your potential customers. As in any marketing method, it does not matter how extensively you use it unless your product is not worthy.

Therefore, maintain the content quality of your website, used a SEO targeted WordPress theme, get a good few backlinks and watch your website shoots up in search engine rankings!