From time to time I run across a great software piece that really does change the way I pursue web development. In this case, it’s LiveReload by @andreyvit – a “Happy land where browsers don’t need a refresh button”. Here’s a quick run-though of how I’ve started using LiveReload & the experience so far.

Initially I was pretty skeptical on how LiveReload would improve my productively. I have a pretty solid development suite of apps set up and I’m quite defensive when it comes to adding something new… That saying, it takes a good bit to get the nod of approval.

To start, LiveReload is currently available on the Mac App store for $9.99, has a Windows version (Alpha build) and also has a build for Linux..

Once you’ve downloaded the app, Simply click the Add New icon and select the parent folder in which your files are located. For example, in my local dev environment, I select the theme folder. Once your folder is selected you will be presented with a JS script to insert before the closing body tag. Add that tag to your web’s index (header.php for WordPress themes) and you’re all set.

Now whenever you save a document in that specified folder, your browser will be automatically refreshed. Nice. For a more “in-depth” look, here’s some Getting Started info on their website.

Be sure to check it out, it’s good stuff.