Social media is one of the important factors of succeeding in the online business. So, if you have set up a WordPress powered website, then you are in luck, as here we will be going through some of the best Social Media Plugins for WordPress.

The plugins we have mentioned below are compatible with most free and premium WordPress themes. Without further ado, here are seven of the best social media plugins for WordPress.

1. Sassy Social Share

Starting off our list we have the Sassy Social Share WordPress plugin. Not only does the plugin provide you with multiple social networks to include to each post, but it also gives you access to a plethora of options, which makes the social sharing buttons, highly feature-rich.

You also get access to plenty of icon styles. Plus, you have the option to set up the standard and floating social bars with your posts and pages. Another good alternative to this plugin would be Bean Social.

2. Better Click to Tweet

Twitter has become a phenomenon, and this plugin can help you better engage with your audience, helping you boost your Social Media campaign. With Better Click to Tweet, you can set up customized quote boxes which will help users to share that particular quote on their Twitter feed. You must have come across one or two blogs by now which makes use of this functionality. The user gets to share some funky taglines with their friends, whereas, you get the chance to draw in more users – albeit all from Twitter. 

2. WordPress to Buffer

To get recurring visits to your website, you need to send reminders on social media websites. With WordPress to Buffer, you can do just that. The plugin basically allows you to schedule posts to your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media networks.

Depending on which platform you are sharing the posts, you can also customize the text that will go with each post. This will help you gear your content to the specific quirks of each social media network, thus improving your chances of driving more traffic.

4. WPZoom Social Icons Widget

Social Icons Widget from WPZoom allows you to set social media icons to your WordPress sidebar. The plugin comes with three icon styles, one with rounded borders, a square one, and a straight-out round icon. It also gives you complete control to customize the colour of each icon. If you want to have full customization liberty while setting up social sharing features for your website, then this is the plugin for you.

5. Shared Counts

The Share Counts WordPress Plugin shows off to your users just how many times other users have shared each post. This can help inform readers that a particular post is of high value and hence propel more readers to start reading the post. Now, the plugin supports a limited number of social media networks, namely: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Stumbleupon, and some others. However, it does come with a varied selection of button styles for each social network.

6. WordPress Social Login

If you need your users to log-in to your website to access certain content and services, then that requires individual users to go through a tiring sign-up process. This can be boring which might decrease conversion rates. But with the WordPress Social Login plugin, you can have your users register, login, and even comment on your website by using their social media accounts. The plugin is super easy to use, for both you and your users. Further, it offers plenty of insights including user manager, contact manager, user insights, and a BuddyPress component.

7. Revive Old Posts

Revive Old Posts is kind of like WordPress to Buffer in principal. The plugin basically allows you to share your old posts on your social media accounts, which should rekindle users’ interests and thus get more users to revisit your content. You can also take advantage of the different features offered within the plugin to engage your users and allow them to discover some of the popular content on your site. Reviving old posts is also part of the internet marketing guidelines that should be followed by every marketer.

In Conclusion

So these were our picks for the top social media plugins for WordPress websites. Hope you found this read to be helpful, and don’t forget to pass it along to friends who are searching for social media WordPress plugins. 

Also, if you know some other plugins for social media which you believe should have made it on the list, then don’t forget to mention them down in the comments section below.