What’s New ?

A brand new ThemeBeans.com

After countless hours, over 14,000 code commits and close to 500 cups of coffee, I’m proud to finally launch the greatest iteration of ThemeBeans to date. ThemeBeans.com is not just sporting a new coat of paint – the entire system has been overhauled, optimized and freshened.

Launching the ThemeBeans Club

And as if releasing a brand new website wasn’t enough, we’ve started a new Theme Club! You can now download my entire WordPress theme collection for less than the price of two!

Wether you’re a suave freelancer churning out WordPress websites for clients or just like to freshen up your portfolio every so often (or both!), the ThemeBeans Club has the most beautiful WordPress themes around.

York Pro 2.0

York and York Pro have both been completely overhauled. I’ve added standard blog functionality, additional child theme override capabilities, improved SVG icon support, smoother animations, mobile drop down menus, improved gallery image optimization, CSS Comb support and fully PHPCS compliant code.

Want to learn more? You can read the full changelog.

York Lite 2.0

York Lite received most of the improvements made in York Pro, as its code base is derived from the the Pro version. Early in the month I submitted York Lite to the official WordPress theme repository. Uploading a theme to the official repository was one of my goals for 2017, so I’m stoked to finally have it submitted.

My goal here is to get more visibility and credibility. Plus, I’ll get the theme in the hands of more users – which will hopefully generate more feedback to help make these two themes even better.

Want to contribute? You can find the project on GitHub.

Ava 1.2.3

WooCommerce themes are especially high maintenance products, compared to my bead-and-butter portfolio themes. So naturally, Ava received a couple more updates to resolve mostly edge-case scenarios with WooCommerce.

Spaces 2.1.3

Spaces, the OG (Original Gangster) ThemeBeans eCommerce theme, received a hefty update which brings it up to speed with WooCommerce 3.0+. Spaces is a great old-timer that’s one of my most popular themes.


Harbor received a few minor updates, mostly resolving edge-case responsive issues and optimized JavaScript for increased performance.

Charmed Pro

Each month I’m taking a theme and updating its core framework with the new WordPress 4.7 functions that extend child theming to a whole new level. Last month Charmed Pro received the update, which makes it so easy to override essentially any file in the parent theme folder, simply by having one in the same directory location within the child theme.

It’s a lot of work, but it’s totally worth it. It’s part of my ongoing commitment to ensure my themes are some of best quality WordPress products you can buy.

What’s Upcoming ✨

Liam – An upcoming theme for artists

Liam, a portfolio — and possibly WooCommerce — theme is unlike anything I’ve built before. I’m not just saying that. For a start, I’m writing the most beautiful animations I’ve ever put in a theme.

It’s been an awesome learning experience and I’m really enjoying pushing my animation artistry to a whole new level.

There seems to be a lack of solid eCommerce themes designed for smaller, more boutique shops, which is why I’m considering adding WooCommerce support to Liam. With the theme’s silky animations and clever grid layout, I’d say it’d make for an awesome online shop. I just need to iron out the details at this point and make a decision soon.

Liam is still very much in the beginning stages of development and I haven’t decided just yet about the WooCommerce integration.

What do you think?

Keynote – An upcoming theme for speakers & consultants

Keynote is still very much in the planning and conceptualizing stage. Lately I’ve been researching a lot lately, identifying pain points with themes in this niche. While I don’t have screens to share just yet, I’m hoping to have some design concepts to present next month.

The ThemeBeans Setup Wizard

Setting up themes exactly like the live demo from the get-go can be quite a chore, especially if you’re not super familiar with WordPress to start with. In my spare time I have been developing a setup wizard with the ultimate goal in mind to refine the  setup process into a simple wizard experience, similar to how WooCommerce onboard’s new shops.

It’s quite a lofty goal, but on-boarding customers using new WordPress themes should be looked at in the same light as any user using any new product.  It’s definitely a pain-point for users and the source of many support tickets.

All in all, May has been yet another wonderful month, filled to the brim with the release of the new themebeans.com, the launch of our ThemeBeans Club, full-scale rebuilds, smart updates and lots of great stuff right around the corner.


Have any questions, ideas, thoughts, theme ideas, or feature requests? I want to hear them! You can find me on Twitter.