What’s New ?

Jam packed!

Last month was packed with theme updates, website updates, a post on real-world SEO tips, progress on the upcoming theme setup wizard (dubbed Merlin WP), and a podcast episode on Mastermind.fm featuring yours truly.

So get’s right to it!

A new way to explore on ThemeBeans.com

Over the month, I pushed a few hefty updates to the website, the biggest — and coolest — of which is a new theme previewer.

Now folks can view every theme demo, right from the WordPress themes catalogue. There’s no need to navigate to and fro, unless you want more details about a particular theme.

Finding the perfect WordPress theme in our catalogue just a little easier.

Listen to me chat about WordPress themes

Are you interested in the WordPress theme economy? If so, I was recently featured on Mastermind.fm, one of my favorite WordPress entrepreneurial podcasts that I regularly listen to.

Click here to listen to the interview →

We discuss how I was introduced to WordPress and my take on the current theme market. I also shared a few tips for developers looking to start their own theme or plugin shop. Good stuff.

Take York Pro for a spin

I finally set up sandbox testing for York Pro, similar to what I did to Ava recently. Now anyone can fully demo the theme completely before committing to a purchase. Want to see how awesome York Pro is for yourself?
Click here to spin up a live demo →

Ava 1.2.8

Ava received quite a handful of updates this month. I introduced a couple new Site Editor options to give folks more control over the theme’s presentation. You can now turn on/off the product pagination and modify the gallery background as you see fit. Upon popular request, I also added “Houzz” support to the social menu selection.

The checkout views have been stylistically improved as well. And I pushed a few template updates, to bring Ava in line with the recent WooCommerce 3.1.0 release — so you’re good to update, if you haven’t already.

Have something you’d like to see in Ava? Let me know!

Charmed Pro 2.2.1

Charmed Pro received a hefty framework update, utilizing all the latest and greatest WordPress development techniques. I also added Gulp support (which I’ve used on newer themes) to improve the build process, minify scripts and styles more efficiently and add proper prefixes pretty easily.

The framework was also updated, which lays the groundwork to add inline dashboard documentation, like I have with Ava and York Pro over the last few weeks. Good stuff!

York Pro 2.0.2

This month, York Pro received many of the same updates that were implemented in Charmed Pro. Nothing major on the surface, though the framework is ready-to-go for the upcoming Merlin WP support that I’ll be adding soon.

Harbor 1.5.1

Harbor received a minor update, which mostly resolves around the social sharing bit. I had Sharre.js implemented, though it’s recently been pretty much abandoned, so I replaced it with the sharing module that I’ve used in York Pro. It’s a perfect fit, performs much better, and looks great.

Spaces 2.1.4

Spaces received a minor update, which resolved a Google fonts display error on sites with SSL certificates. I also removed the included video widget, as one has been added into WordPress core, in the recent 4.8 release. Oh, and Spaces turns three years old next month! Crazy!

What’s Upcoming ✨

Liam, an upcoming theme for artists

I’ve been working on Liam quite heavily, refining the overall style and cleaning up the animations a good bit. Here’s where it’s at now. I think it’s on the right track — and definitely better than where it was last month. What do you think?

It’s my favorite theme to date, though I suppose that’s true of every new theme I make. Is there anything in particular that you’d love to have included in Liam? Let me know!

I do plan to launch Liam with Merlin WP support, making on-boarding such a breeze. That leads me to finally introducing the coolest thing I’ve been working on, Merlin WP.

Installing themes is about to get a whole lot easier.

As I mentioned last month, I’ve been working on an incredible theme setup wizard to dramatically improve the theme on-boarding experience. I’m calling it Merlin WP, and it’s fantastic. Really fantastic.

Merlin WP

So cool in fact, I’m building it as a standalone product for other developers to use in their own WordPress themes. So if you’re a developer, add yourself to the list and I’ll let you know when Merlin WP is production-ready. I may also get in touch about beta-testing, if you’re into that.

Overall, I’m pretty excited about how easy Merlin WP makes installing and setting up WordPress themes. It’s really “next-level” and I’m super stoked!

Ava 1.3.0 is coming soon and it’s a big deal.

Ava is the most popular WordPress theme I’ve ever launched, currently powering just under 750 active websites. That’s huge… but not as massive as this feature-packed update headed your way!
This is quite possibly the biggest update I’ve pushed to date, adding countless feature requests, Site Editor UI/UX improvements, and so many new functionalities.

Want to set your own column width and gutters? Done. Want to layout your product pages differently? Want to supercharge your product’s gallery light boxes and add zooming capabilities? Done. Want product hover effect options? Done. Want to style sale flashes? Yup, that’s done too. And this is just the start!

Stay on the lookout, Ava 1.3.0 should be ready to go within the next week or two!

All in all, June has been jammed packed with progress across all fronts. I’m really looking forward to the upcoming release of Liam and the introduction of Merlin WP into my catalogue. Have any questions, ideas, thoughts, theme ideas, or feature requests? I want to hear them!

Have any questions, ideas, thoughts, theme ideas, or feature requests? I want to hear them! You can find me on Twitter.