What’s New ?


Last month was a solid month of theme updates, initial development on a new WordPress plugin for creatives and more progress on Liam, my upcoming theme for freelancers, agencies, photographers and creatives.

There’s a lot to cover, so let’s get started!

Portfolio Theme Feedback

If you have any feedback on my portfolio WordPress themes, please give a minute and send it my way. I’d super appreciate it!

I have a quick feedback form which I’ve been getting a lot of great insights from. Feedback helps me create products and add features that you want and need — so help me help you!

Charmed Pro 2.3.2

Last month I pushed a few less noticeable, yet quite substantial improvements to Charmed Pro. Most notably, I’ve updated the isotope script to the latest release, added new lazy-loading functionality to the grid-based portfolio and included support for browser-based srcset images — really cool stuff.

With srcset, the browser does the work of figuring out which image is best suited to display, based on the viewport, image and resolution provided. It’s pretty handy and removes the Picturefill.JS dependency.

Overall, pages should load even faster.

Ava 1.3.1

Ava had one major release last month, which was primarily focused on ironing out a few kinks, routine maintenance and touching up the Site Editor’s user-experience a bit.With the UX improvements, you’ll find that child theme settings now appear only if the corresponding option is enabled.

This is a much better approach than listing all available options on each section, even if the related option isn’t enabled.

Designer 1.5.5

August was a focus-month for Designer, as I released updates nearly weekly for the popular portfolio and shop WordPress theme.

In Designer’s v1.5.0 release I greatly improved the Customizer experience, using many of the techniques I’ve learned on some of my newer themes. I also added support for Beaver Builder, updated the WooCommerce templates for the recent 3.1 release and improved the theme’s performance using Gulp’s magnification, CSSComb and other developer technologies. Whew!

Emma 2.2.0

Emma is the latest theme in the collection to receive the new framework migration. That includes improved asset loading (js/css/images), in-dashboard help guides, CSSComb integration, SCSS support, and Gulp minification + post-processing. This new framework is also where my upcoming Merlin WP theme wizard will be integrated.

What’s Upcoming ✨

Portfolio Professional Plugin

Development started last month on a really neat project that I’ve been wanting to tackle for some time now: Portfolio Professional.

Portfolio Professional is an upcoming premium WordPress plugin that consists of

a pro-level suite of tools built to empower creatives’ and agencies building their portfolios on WordPress. Think of it as a toolbox to help you better manage your portfolio and provide you with insights on your portfolio posts.

So far I’ve built in the capability to duplicate portfolio posts, display post views and likes in the admin, sort your posts in a custom order and star your favorite projects – so that they are featured at the top of your portfolio.

I’m planning on adding further features such as the capability to modify the portfolio index and taxonomy slugs and possibly a built-in social sharing mechanism.

Portfolio Professional will be freely downloadable for any ThemeBeans Club members.

Liam WordPress Theme

From my project insights on GitHub, there have been 5,257 additions and 3,254 deletions to Liam in the last month.

With just a few more prominent facets of the theme to resolve, I’m stoked to start prepping for the release! I’m shooting for a release early October — so stay tuned!

York on WordPress.org

I’m still working on getting York into the official WordPress repository. Having making a significant amount of adjustments, as requested by the theme review team, I resubmitted York Lite v1.0.2 to the repository (ticket).

It’s been a good learning experience and I’m taking away a lot of good practices to work into my existing theme catalogue. If you’re interested, York Lite is open-source on GitHub.

I’m hoping to possibly have the theme released before the end of the year. ?

An update on Merlin WP

I’m astounded by the support I’ve received regarding Merlin WP. It’s been featured on WP Tavern, the WordPress Weekly podcast, here too, and quite a few other places. Also, Merlin WP’s Twitter account received a couple hundred mentions, replies and retweets — absolutely insane!

There’s already over a hundred and fifty stars on the GitHub repository and new committers to the project. So if you’re wanting to chime in, now’s the time to do so.

There are a few open issues left, with the first release hopefully coming out this month. ?

In closing, the ThemeBeans roadmap is looking solid heading into this next season. I’m super excited about the upcoming Portfolio Professional WordPress plugin and getting Liam out into your hands. Cheers!

Have any questions, ideas, thoughts, theme ideas, or feature requests? I’d love to hear them! You can find me on Twitter.