What’s New ?

Ava 1.1.8

Last month Ava received seven updates (woah!), most of which were actually quite minor. I updated a few vendor scripts, added WPML support, added new filters, fixed a couple Internet Explorer issues, and added full support for WooCommerce 3.0+.

Also, I built a live demo experience where you can test drive the full theme – admin screens, options, Site Editor, etc. – in your own personal sandbox. It’s pretty cool really.

Did you get a chance to to try it out? If so, what did you think? 

I’m considering adding this same functionality to our other themes but I’d really like to know if that’s something you’d use?

Emma 2.1.1

Emma received quite a hefty update this month. Upon many other improvements, the biggest change is that I have removed the default Home template (what?!).

So why did I do it? It makes it so much easier to get started with Emma.

Before now, you had to create a page, assign the template, back out and head to the Customizer, then set that specific page to display as your home page. Now, simply set a page to display as your website’s homepage, and the “template” is applied automagically. Cool stuff.

I’ve also added some filters to easily add any number of modules to homepage, and added starter content (also new from WordPress 4.7).  The end goal with this update was to make it easier to Emma off the ground.

I’m looking to apply many of these same techinques to my other themes in the future.

Wonder 2.8.1

This minor update to Wonder adds full PHP 7 compatibility. Now all of our themes are 100% compatible with PHP 7. Good stuff.

Designer 1.4.4

A minor update to add full support for WooCommerce 3.0+.

What’s Upcoming ✨

York Pro 2.0

I am on the final stretch of releasing version 2.0 of York Pro, which includes a stunning new blog, style touch-ups, improved animations, and countless lines of refactored code. Adding a standard blog has been one of the most requested features – so naturally, I worked that in.

I have also added an in-dashboard help guide (using Huh), which I can remotely update to make sure you’re always seeing the most up-to-date documentation, right in your WordPress dashboard. Cool.

I’m looking to add this feature to all my themes in the near future.

Keynote – An upcoming WordPress theme!

Keynote is a new WordPress theme (unreleased) that I started conceptualizing last month. It’ll be a theme for motivational speakers, consultants, and the like.

I’m really scratching my own itch here, as I am looking to relaunch my own blog (just like I did with Emma, building a website for my own wedding). Plus, WordPress themes in this niche are very sub-par and there’s quite a lot of room for something really great to enter the market.

I’m still researching and working on sketches, but next month I should have some design screenshots to share with you. If you have any ideas or thoughts, I’d love to hear them.

ThemeBeans Relaunch

I’m saving the best for last! So for the past seven months I’ve been building a new version of ThemeBeans, and working out a new way to buy our themes – the ThemeBeans Club.

I’ll be providing both annual and lifetime memberships with full access to the complete ThemeBeans catalogue. Stay on the lookout for an early-bird discount for subscribers, and if you’ve purchased a theme anytime in the past year – there’s big savings to be had.

It’s taken quite a bit longer than I anticipated but I’m super excited to release the new website and ThemeBeans Club next month.

All in all, April has been another great month, filled with awesome updates and new stuff right on the horizon.