WordPress 4.6 is Now Available

Good news folks! The next major release of WordPress has been pushed, check out the release post at WordPress.org.


There’s quite a bit of new stuff, both behind the scenes and forward-facing. You can read in detail about what is new on the WordPress 4.6 Codex Page, but the significant takeaways are as follows:

1. Shiny Updates v2

Shiny Updates replaces progress updates with a simpler and more straight forward experience when installing, updating, and deleting both WordPress plugins and WordPress themes. It’s so much cleaner, faster and removes the Blank Screen of Sadness (example).

2. Native Fonts

Native fonts are in. In WordPress 4.6, the operating system’s UI font is used for any text that is part of the WordPress user interface. That means you’ll experience faster load times, especially when working offline, and a more native-feeling experience when your using your WordPress Dashboard.

3. Improved Editor

The editor is getting better; it can now detect broken links and employs a more reliable recovery mode to easily recover your posts in case your internet connection dies.

Update away!

Over the past few months the team has been pushing updates to ensure maximum capability with WordPress 4.6. We have not uncovered any underlining bugs in any of our own beautiful WordPress themes, but if you do – feel free to ping us.

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