This Week on ThemeBeans: Oct 7-14

Every week, I’m publishing a bit of what we’ve been up to at ThemeBeans, what I’ve personally learned, and how I plan on continuing to make ThemeBeans the best WordPress theme shop around. Cheers!

Significant Theme Updates

The primary focus this week was to publish a couple big-hit updates that I’ve been working on this month. The most significant updates were reserved for Emma and Designer, pushing both WordPress themes to the new and improved framework build, based on Underscores by Automattic.

This is particularly good news for the combined 1000+ users of those themes, because both of them are now much more “future-proof” and easier to maintain moving forward.

I am also finishing up on a round of general updates for our other themes, focusing on those with the largest user base. Plate received it’s hefty behind-the-scenes update on Monday. Be on the lookout for updates to more themes next week!

An Awesome Week of Support

This week we’ve answered 34 support tickets, received 7 support ratings, of which all 7 were rated “Great”. It doesnt get much better than that folks.

Conceptualizing a ThemeBeans Core Plugin

I’m also drafting up a ThemeBeans Core plugin, which will probably house many of our themes’ core functionality. I see this as a way to mitigate technical debt for our themes, by compiling the commonly updated facets of our themes into a singular sustainable WordPress plugin.

It’s still very early in the planning stage, but this concept has a lot of potential for the future of ThemeBeans WordPress themes.

A New WordPress Theme – well almost!

I’m hitting Sublime Text hard over the next few weeks, ironing out some of the kinks in our upcoming WordPress theme. Let me tell you this – it’s one of the best products I have personally developed, with loads of super-rad and exciting features.

As a developer, I really do enjoy learning. It is phenomenal that I have the opportunity to learn something new nearly every single day. This week I’ve been soaking in the Customizer API, custom events and really extending the Customizer experience as a whole. Something that you will definitly see put to use in this upcoming WordPress theme.

Well, it’s been a good week folks! Here’s one for the weekend!


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