The Future of Support

Soon our team will be pushing ThemeBeans 4.0, a massive update with an entire array of behind-the-scenes updates and visual presentation improvements across the board.

Among many other facets, our support portal will look just about the same – though there are a couple important functional changes.

Autonomous license key requests

The most significant improvement is completely autonomous license key requests. Whenever a theme is purchased from ThemeForest, to get a license key customers have had to wait for one of our team members to apply the license manually. We’re happy to announce that you’ll soon be able to request and receive your theme license key via email nearly instantaneously.

This was one of the more difficult and intricate aspects of the 4.0 update, but having autonomous license key requests is essential to saving time, energy, and patience all around.

Updated license dashboard

Once ThemeBeans 4.0 is released, you will notice a new section of the user dashboard, which presents available licenses and the status of each (active, inactive, valid, expired).

So why did we build this out?

Our team has noticed that even with over 2,000 license keys generated over the last few months, a very small percentage of buyers actually activate their licenses. We’re hoping that building out a visual presentation of each available license and it’s status will encourage users to activate their inactive licenses – which in turn provides support and WordPress dashboard updates… a no brainer really.

Verified Licensed Support

As with every initial theme purchase, each buyer receives updates and support included in the initial purchase – there are no changes there. We are looking at possibly making a valid license key a requirement to contact the support team. There are both costs and benefits to this move, but ultimately our team will be able to provide sustainable support to our buyers.

Having moved to the more sustainable license model for support and updates in late 2013, our next progressive step forward is to ensure licenses are requested, verified and active. What is the point of having dashboard update notifications and verified support, without actually implementing it?

Let me explain.

Our current Help Center contact form has a dropdown menu for selecting a theme in question. On the upcoming 4.0 build the dropdown menu only lists WordPress themes for which you have verified licenses for. Though the form will display valid, inactive and expired licenses, you will only be able to request support for verified licenses (even if they are inactive).

Since the 4.0 build totes completely autonomous license requests, it takes around 60 seconds to grab your ThemeForest purchase code, head to the request form, and receive your license key. And if you’ve purchased your theme on here on ThemeBeans, you are already set. Every purchase completed on our website is issued a license key at the point of purchase.

All in all, we’re ecstatic to release the next big update to ThemeBeans very soon. We think you’re going to love it.


1. Autonomous license key requests coming soon.
2. View your licenses on the 4.0 dashboard.
3. You’ll need a valid license key to get help.

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