Plugin Updates

Good news! Yesterday morning we quietly updated a few of our WordPress plugins. Below is a quick rundown of the updates. Also, if you have any future plugin ideas you’d like to see, let us know →

Bean Instagram

This plugin received the most attention, with a massive update to the overall experience. Once you’ve updated the plugin, you’ll see a new Bean Instagram admin page within your WordPress Dashboard. This new settings page is where Instagram codes will be entered (instead of within the Bean Instagram widget).

We decided this flow would make much more sense, as your codes will be saved – even when the widget is not in use.

Bean Portfolio

The update here was minimal, but important to adding future features to our portfolio featured themes. The Portfolio post type now has custom post meta field support – where you can create custom meta for your portfolio posts.

Bean Tweets & Bean Social

We simply added a new “Settings” shortcut link on your plugins.php page, making it just a bit easier and faster to get your Tweets running.


To update your plugins, simply download and install the latest versions from our Plugins directory →

For more updates, follow @themebeans and @richard_tabor on Twitter.