Introducing ThemeBeans 4.0

I’m Rich Tabor, a WordPress developer designing and building themes and plugins that are insanely beautiful – and perform as well as they look. Over the last year I’ve been hard at work building out the next version of ThemeBeans, and I’m proud to say that it’s finally here.


When I started to work on the next version of ThemeBeans, I knew from the get-go that we really needed a website that was simple, executable and extendable. So I started with a fresh style sheet and went to work building the next big version of ThemeBeans.

Cleaner visual presentation

We’ve re-worked just about every facet of the site, but one of my favorites is the theme collection and plugin collection pages – which are refined and display more relevant information than previously.


Cleaning up each page and post throughout the site was one of the priorities of ThemeBeans 4.0 – and it shows with this latest update. For the blog, I’ve really cleaned up the presentation, simplifying what’s on the page and layout out the full posts archive on every post – as well as the index view. Top that off with a subscription module and we’re set.

On the single theme and plugin views, I added three times as many screenshots, cleaned up the features sections and most importantly – seamlessly integrated Easy Digital Downloads.

Updated user dashboard

On top of having a completely refreshed website, akin to a full breath of mountain air, I’ve made a few rather significant updates to the dashboard.

Upon logging in, you’ll see themes purchased under your account (and theme licenses from ThemeForest themes, if you’ve requested a license key) and now, your relevant license keys. I also added theme documentation links on the dashboard, to make it a bit faster to get to.

A better help center

Our Help Center looks about the same, but there are a good number of functional changes beneath the stylesheets. I’ve added relevant articles on each single post, re-worked the create a ticket form and added a site-wide “Email Us” call to action on every page.


The biggest change here however is that a valid theme license key is required to get help. In the past we’ve “required” a key, but it wasn’t a necessity to submit a support ticket, but the second stage of that implementation is now in place.

Ultimately, we recognize that maintaining a viable Help Center is a necessity and this requirement ensures that all validated purchasers get the full value of our support team long haul.

Redefining the checkout process

Another hurdle we managed to jump across is re-imagining our checkout purchase model and associated checkout forms.


I really pushed the boundaries to maintain a familiar interface, but tidy up the form to make it as simple as possible to complete a purchase. Plus, we’re now running discount promotions often, so there’s a new entry field for discounts.

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New, yet remarkably familiar

While there’s more changes than I could write about, ThemeBeans is still the familiar theme shop around the corner, where you’re guaranteed to get quality themes and plugins every day.

Come check out our entire theme collection or view the details on our awesome theme Designer, built for freelancers and agencies alike.


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