Atomica 1.4: Now with WP Live Search

As new and profound technologies and integrations are created, our team is always looking out for ways to improve our themes, new and old.

On that note, we’re proud to share that our popular knowledge-base theme, Atomica, supports live searching with the WP Live Search WordPress plugin and the REST API WordPress plugin.

To get rolling, simply download the update from your ThemeBeans account dashboard (or via your WP Dashboard, if you’ve activated your theme license) and install both of the plugins I mentioned above.

Once you’ve activated both plugins, you’re all set. The main search input in the header will now dynamically pull search results as you type. So cool!

We also modernized some styles, added further optimized images, minified CSS/JS files and made a couple behind-the-scenes performance updates across the board. Whew!

Take a look at the Atomica changelog →


Sidenote: We’ve changed the name from ‘Atom’ to ‘Atomica’.

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