WordPress was built and ripened on the GPL license, which works to ensure the rights and freedoms that the entire WordPress community can benefit from. As WordPress.org clearly states on their license page:

The reasons for WordPress releasing under the GPL are both practical and idealistic. WordPress was born of that very freedom.

100% GPL

I’m announcing that each theme in our entire WordPress theme catalog is now 100% GPL. We’re proud to offer the same freedoms of the WordPress community to our customers – something we honestly should have pursued much sooner.

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We’re doubling down on our community involvement and committing to developing GPL is the first step.

So if you were holding back because of our past licensing, go buy yourself a new WordPress theme.

About the GPL

The GPL was first released in 1989 by Richard Stallman and the Free Software Foundation, which he founded to protect the freedoms to create, modify and distribute software.

The GNU General Public License, or GPL, is an open source license. Open source doesn’t just mean that you can view the source code — it has political and philosophical implications as well. Open source, or “Free Software”, means you are free to modify and redistribute  source code under certain – source.

Free doesn’t refer to the price, it refers to freedom.

Al in all, this is a major step forward for ThemeBeans, and with your help we’ll keep going the extra mile to make ThemeBeans the best theme shop around.