3, 2, 1… We’ve Launched

We’ve finally gotten around to preparing and launching our very own home on the interwebs. It has always been to plan to provide more than just WordPress themes to the community – which is a great time anyhow – and now we have a nice place to build and deploy from.

For the past 60 days the team here has ramped up ideas, taken them into production & spending countless development hours on the concepts of what us at ThemeBeans would like to accomplish.

We want to be more than just your average WordPress Theme Shop.
That saying, follow us on Twitter and/or subscribe to our newsletter at the foot of this page, and we’ll be in touch when the nice things hit the fan. Oh and if you have any great ideas for blog posts, code snippets or PSD resources, leave a comment or get in touch – we’d really appreciate your input.

As always, we’re still developing away at some killer WordPress themes – soon to come. Keep an eye out over on ThemeForest.

For more updates, follow @themebeans and @richard_tabor on Twitter.