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Simply put, when custom post types are deployed within themes, you loose the flexibility of easily switching your theme… all at the risk of loosing your portfolio altogether. With our plugin you maintain complete control of your portfolio – saving you precious time and heartache.

This plugin is compatible with most WordPress Themes out there, although you will need custom templates in your theme in order to modify the post in a different fashion than your theme’s default posts.

We guarantee full compatibility with our portfolio themes, but if you stumble across an issue please submit a ticket via our Help Center.


  • Version: 1.4.2
  • Published: Jun 3, 2013
  • Updated: Sept 11, 2014
  • WordPress: 4.0

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  • I couldn’t resist doing a ThemeBeans makeover when I happened across their site! A very speedy response to a query from Rich also!

    Sara Netherway
  • Rich from ThemeBeans replied to a bug report for a free plugin that I submitted over the weekend. Killer customer support, guys!

    Thomas Finley
  • ThemeBeans – you guys are awesome. Support request at 13:45. Problem fixed at 13:50. Thats what I call excellent customer service.

    Mike Cottam
  • I’ve always liked the minimal approach to your themes. All white, but with such a clear evidence of elegance.

    Joshua Limsiaco
  • If you’re needing a website theme, you need to check out ThemeBeans. The most gorgeous themes with the most awesome support ever.

    Jennifer Ruggiero
  • A big selling point is the customization dashboard! Loving these themes as they feel like Tumblr, which is a happy feeling.

    Marjorie Steele
  • I truly love ThemeBeans. Each of their themes are so easy to use and mad simple to customize. Cheers gents!

    Joe Spur
  • Some great WordPress themes by ThemeBeans – check them out! They’re also featuring my artwork in some of their themes!

    Cat Lines
  • When searching for a theme, we wanted something clean & smart that put our content first – ThemeBeans pulled it off!

  • Not only do you gentlemen have excellent themes – but your plugins are quite impressive feats as well! A big thanks!

    Russell Warren
  • Functional elegance and delicious minimality. Really such a nice job ThemeBeans!

    Mario Maruffi
  • ThemeBeans’ style is the perfect combination of form and function. I simply love the easter eggs of goodness!

    Chris Langille
  • Your WordPress themes just keep getting more & more impressive. Kudos to you and your whole team Rich!

    Jessie Lancaster
  • The Koi theme gave me what I needed to get the idea out of my head and onto the internet. Still a work in process, but I’m happy!

  • Whether the folks at ThemeBeans knows it or not they have made excellent portfolio themes!

    Aaron Miller
  • I was searching for a minimal but powerful theme with an intuitive concept and easy handling. Finally I found it in Spaces! Keep on!

    Jens Frank
  • Snazzy has really impressed me, by looking great and being so easy to setup & customize – the right balance of simplicity & flexibility.

    David Greeves
  • Rich from ThemeBeans just replied to a bug report for a free plugin that I submitted over the weekend. Killer customer support guys!

    Tom Finley
  • Macho is the most impressive and amazing agency & business theme I have ever seen as a little design!

    Dominik Loia
  • One of the fastest and most helpful support teams on ThemeForest. Thanks ThemeBeans, you’re awesome!

    Behrouz Jafarnezhad

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